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Charity Hussein Froggenhall
Journal of a forty-something newish-ly wed divorcée. I natter on about my husband, family, cats, friends, politics, ridiculous news stories, cable news, inappropriate crushes on media figures, trying to eat healthy and exercise, and anything else that pops into my head.

I am a complete leftie librul Communist, and my posts reflect as such. You have been warned.

28 days later, 80's music, aaron douglas, aaron sorkin, amy winehouse, autumn, balanced diet, barack obama, barbecue, barbecuing, battlestar galactica, being healthy, blackadder, bruce campbell, caribbean, cats, childfree, childless by choice, colbert report, cooking, countdown, countdown with keith olbermann, criminal minds, cruises, d80, dark chocolate, democrats, digital photography, dirty jobs, doctor who, douglas adams, dr who, eating right, elmore leonard, exercise, fall, firefly, fitness, food, getting fit, grilling, grindhouse, halloween, happiness, health, healthy eating, healthy living, highlander, history, horror, horror movies, i support the strike, internet, iphone, iphoto, ipod, itunes, jason statham, joe bob briggs, jon stewart, keith olbermann, keith/rachel, law & order, leftie, lefty, liberals, lifting weights, love, lovecraft, mac, macbook, marriage, mexican food, mike rowe, millennium, movies, mp3s, music, mythbusters, nathan fillion, netflix, new jersey, news, nick chinlund, nikon d80, no kidding, nutrition, pandora.com, photography, political humor, politics, popping bubblewrap, preacher, princess bride, princeton, pro-choice, psychology, rachel maddow, reading, red dwarf, relationships, remodeling, reproductive rights, restaurants, rob zombie, sam raimi, sarah vowell, satire, sean pertwee, serenity, sports night, stephen colbert, stephen gevedon, stephen king, strength training, swimming, the colbert report, the crow, the daily show, the doctor, the it crowd, the phantom tollbooth, the princess bride, the rachel maddow show, tina fey, torchwood, travel, traveling, trivial pursuit, uk television, uk tv, vampires, voting, weight loss, weight maintenance, weightlifting, weights, wil wheaton, wine, winter, women's rights, working out, workouts, worst person inthe world

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