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News from the world of biking: cars are scary
me @ panera

I went for a spin around my neighborhood this morning. We live very close to the train station, so 7:30 in the morning near a commuting hub isn't a great place for a newbie to practice her riding! Although I did do a little better riding with cars on the road. 

Hubby thinks getting comfortable with cars should be lower on my priority list. I'm only averaging around 7 to 8 mph right now. He suggested I work up to a consistent 12 to 14 mph before I try riding in traffic. Luckily we live close to a big office park, so I will try riding the loop around there on the weekends, and maybe stick to the asphalt path across the street. 

I still can't believe I'm only going about 8 mph, or 11.47 at my fastest! It still feels like I'm going crazy fast. I guess because I'm still kinda wobbly. Another good reason to stay off the roads: I tried raising my hand off the handlebar this morning, as if to signal a turn, and I nearly fell over! So yeah, I should just stick to quiet paths for the moment.

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Stupid $4 gas. I need to start biking to work.

Perhaps sticking with trails would be good for now. You should be able to comfortably take a hand off the handlebars to signal a lane change. Heck be comfortable enough to take your hands off the handlebars completely and ride. When you feel more comfortable, check out
They have some very good classes on riding on the streets along with skills training.

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